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Cosibo, at Automechanika Frankfurt has highlighted the evident quality of its production since 1988, in alternative spare parts and interchangeable with original ones for truck-buses. In the last edition of the German event, to which the Emilian company will also participate in 2018, its expertise has been highlighted in the aftermarket dedicated to the truck, presenting a number of technical solutions of great value and compatible with well-known brands such as Scania and Volvo.

To explain its competitive advantage is Raffaele Rapaggi, organizer of Cosibo:

"The ability to innovate and update the range of spare parts available is an absolute and indispensable value to which our company has always been inspired"


Production of made in Italy parts perfectly interchangeable with the original. This skill that has characterized you for almost 30 years has been winning at the stage of Automechanika Frankfurt?

Certainly, even in this edition, visitors have recognized the unmistakable quality of the Cosibo productions. This level has been made possible by the know-how derived from nearly 30 years of experience in the production of spare parts and by our strong link with the Emilian territory in which mechanical and mechanical skills are concentrated among the best in the world. Managing precision, transparency in relationships and understanding of the dynamics that regulate the industry in the most diverse markets have also been a key competitive advantage.

Cosibo's reconditioning is made with molds and equipment of your production which focuses on the expertise and professionalism acquired over time. What has particularly affected Automechanika's audience?

Operating for over 29 years in the field of truck / buses and marine engines, where evolution, innovation and reliability are the key to the success of large manufacturers, the ability to constantly refine our range of products, coupled with a continuous comparison With industry professionals, are values ​​that we have always been inspired by.

Thanks to a capillary control of the production chain, we are able to guarantee the highest Italian quality standards and absolute compliance with the original parts. In particular we received extremely positive feedback on the various items that were displayed on the stand.







Cosibo is specialised in manufacturing and b2b sales of high quality aftermarket spare parts for european vehicles like Scania and Volvo. Our parts are alternative and interchangable with the original ones with a wide range that is mostly focused on the truck and bus sector, including also many references for marine engines.In over 29 years of activity, the Company has gone from strength to strength with production that makes it one of the most qualified firms on the market today.

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